Friday, September 30, 2005

This thing of blogging is quite new to me, what I am realizing is while it can be a very effective tool, it also requires commitment on my part. I recently created a blog for our church, no one has signed it, so I quit looking at it and haven't written on it. The only response we've had was a spammer who posted a link to his dating service...just what we need. The same guy posted on this blog, both sites have been quickly cleansed. What I realized today is that this blog thing stretches me to really be what I say I am, a life-changer. I am open to change and new things, but in order for those things to take place I must do something...anything...just something. If we do nothing, nothing happens, but if we do something...something happens. I think I'll start blogging more!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

We moved last week and could not believe the amount of junk we have accumulated over the past year. When we moved from Louisville last year we a really big way! I gave away hundreds of books from my library, gave 16 notebooks of sermon material and literally threw away thousands of cassette tapes I had bought over the years...and now a year later, we've still got junk. I think there's a spiritual connotation here, that probably connects with Hebrews 12 where it talks about laying aside the weights and sins that so easily beset us...they do easily accumulate don't they? My wife constantly presses me about the piles of mail, magazines, tapes, and whatever else I leave laying on the counter...sort of like the Holy Spirit, checking me on my attitude, my need to worship when I'm in a mood, and all the other stuff I allow to pile up or stack on my spiritual counter.