Monday, October 08, 2012


This morning as I was walking down the hallway of our school I found myself singing an old, old song, "Peace, Peace, wonderful Peace...Coming down from the Father above..."  As I sang quietly to myself it dawned on me that true peace isn't the absence of conflict, it's the absence of the effect.

All is not always well in our world. Most of us at some point in our lives struggle with issues, we have stuff. Our lives are filled with conflict and confusion, we struggle with issues, face things we didn't sign up for, and deal with inner turmoil...And yet, Jesus promised to give us His peace, the Bible says that there is a perfect peace for those that have the ability to stay focused and keep their minds on God. The Bible promises a peace that is beyond our ability to understand, it is often impossible to comprehend how a person can be at peace when the world around them and more importantly, the world within them is turned upside down. Life in Christ is a life that doesn't promise a stormless existence, it promises peace in the midst and in spite of the storm.

Just thinking out loud!