Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is Vision Enough?
We talk a lot about vision in Christian circles, often quoting the scripture in Proverbs that says without vision, or without revelation, people castoff restraint...they perish. Vision statements are created, mission statements are developed, so we can say what we see and do what we say. I love talking vision, seeing things, and I believe in the power of vision...In fact, I am convinced that you should have a vision for every area of your life!
Do you have a vision for your personal life and ministry? What about for your family or job? When you close your eyes what do you see? And can you see beyond where you are to where you can be?
The real question is not "do you have a vision?", rather it is is vision enough, will being filled with inner sight and the conviction that this is your God given dream cause your vision to become a reality?
Think about the great dreamers in history, they all saw something, and they all did something to make it happen! Read the words of Jesus in Matthew 9, He saw people as shepherdless sheep, and then He set out to change things. Moses led an entire nation into freedom because he saw into the invisible realm, in his spirit he saw God, and acted on what God told him. Abraham became the father of nations simply because he was willing to leave his comfort zone and walk toward the promised land. What about Joseph who had such a powerful dream that accusation and prison could not stop him. Then there's the Apostle Paul who did not allow the storm to get inside of him and believed that whatever God told him would be exactly how it would he walked out the Word!
Vision enables us not only to see but to become, it provides insight and revelation, uncovering the hidden desire of God and ourselves, helping us to see beyond the present and to release our creative gifts. Mission speaks of how we accomplish our vision, what are we willing to do to make it happen, do we have what it takes to become the vision?
This evening while watching Extreme Home Makeover there was a family who had moved from a beautiful, safe neighborhood to a gang infested, neighborhood where drugs were sold, the children went to sleep to the sound of gunfire.Why? They had a vision of making a difference in the lives of others and they became the vision!
What's your vision? What steps are you taking to make it become a reality? It's going to be worth the struggle!
Just Thinking Out Loud!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last Thursday I woke up with a sore toe, not a big deal, has happened before...but never like what it has become...Gout! By Saturday it was swollen and hard to walk on, immediately I went to my I began to analyze the situation and discover that indeed I did have all the symptoms of gout, and according to the internet I could cure with natural remedies...yeah right! I began the long and arduous journey of eat cherries and strawberries, drinking apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, pomgranite/cherry juice, bottle after bottle of water, and eating ibuprofin like pez tablets...By this past Wednesday I thought it was better, when I awakened Thursday I realized I was was worse! Today I broke down and went to the doctor, a three hour journey, they couldn't verify my insurance because Aetna was closed, I offered to pay cash, they weren't sure they could do that, then they could...only 20 bucks! Then it was check the vitals and send me back out to wait, in the middle of all of this I sat next to an older lady who noticed my Big Dog shirt and wanted to know if I had a big dog, I explained it was a brand, she began to talk dogs with me, I informed her we have one that I hate, hoping this would end the didn't. The doctor wasn't overly friendly, don't think he liked the fact that I self diagnosed and was correct...I love it when I'm right! There's a spiritual lesson or two here, I'm not sure what they are yet, though I must admit that I continue to believe that God heals, wish He would have done it without the doctor, but He uses them too. Besides, my visit to his office cost me 20.00 and my three meds only cost 20.00, so I have been blessed and am not going to have a crisis of faith over my toe! Storms are natural part of life, even small ones, the key is not allowing the storm to get inside of you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wrong One This Time
I have been a fairly avid American Idol fan for several years now, but that is beginning to wane as this program is becoming more of a popularity contest than singing contest. Now, I also realize that we're all entitled to our own opinion and can enjoy and vote for whoever we wish...But I'm telling you the wrong person went home last night! Carly Smithson probably wouldn't have won Idol, but Jason Castro and Brooke White most certainly are not better or even in the same class. Jason is kind of goofy, and Brooke just can't sing, so how are they remaining? This inquiring mind wants to know? Call me Simon if you will...I just don't get it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't You Want To Be Brave?
My last few blogs have been about my daughter and some of them quite silly, and though it is my blog, I wanted to let people know I do have other things to say, but I love my family, my kids are the joy of my I'm sure talking and writing about them is far from over! I want to be brave. I have lived for years with insecurities that at times stifle if not snuff out my creativity and ability to step outside the box. I've never been one to live within the confines of others boxes, always wanted to march to a different drummer, believe that while God despises rebellion, He loves radical, after all, Jesus wasn't a conformist, He was a trail blazer. I want to be brave! I admire those people who are willing to go where they've never gone before, do what they've never done before, and that throw caution to the wind. Lindsey Humphries is a ten year old that attends our church and school, she went snowboarding this year, I would have worried about breaking my leg. Or what about the people in Tibet, who are unwilling to allow a super power over take them, so they march, fight back, and stand...being brave isn't always about movement, sometimes it's about taking a stand for what you believe and doing what you feel is right! To be brave often requires going against the grain, living beyond the status quo, and saying things that aren't readily understood. Being brave requires vision and listening to the inner voice, having a conscience that isn't framed by what is popular at the moment, but one that may be popular after you have been brave enough to speak what is in your heart...And if it never becomes popular and politically correct it's ok, that wasn't your purpose in the first place! I want to be brave when it counts, when I know that it will make a difference in someone else's life, when it is an act of obedience to God, and when the only payment I receive is the knowledge that I did what I saw and heard in my spirit and when the day is done God says...You did good!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Me, Kaitlin, and Miami Ink
As long as Kaitlin is alive I will never die, she is the absolute image of me in the female species. Her facial expressions, attitude, sarcasm, everything...she is me! Although she does have her own thoughts, ambitions, and ways of doing things...Like her latest idea...are you ready for this? We've been discussing going to Ft. Lauderdale for vacation this year, so she has decided that the two of us need to venture on down to Miami and get tattoo's at the infamous Miami Ink. Now, I don't think there is anything wrong with having a tattoo, as long as it's something decent, in the right place and done with clean needles...but can you see me with a tattoo? Kaitlin says she's going to be an attorney, I told her she would have to have her tattoo where clients couldn't see it, she said it would be small and on her back along the waist line, I said when she gets old and it droops it will be below her butt where no one will want to see it! Monday we went to Cocoa Beach for a couple days and we both got these temporary tattoo's, the same one, a Chinese symbol for peace, mine is on my shoulder where no one can see it, hers is on her belly where no one better see it! I know this child of mine is going places and I truly believe the Lord is going to use her, but I'm beginning to believe she will be the pastor and attorney for a tattoo parlor...At least I can get one free...Not!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Kids, Kats, & The Kingdom
I have been in a mood for several days, I think I'm going through man-o-pause, or at least that's the excuse I'm giving today! During this past week I've been observing some things, especially in my own home: 1. My kids are great kids! They're not perfect, but they're great and they're hilarious. Our oldest daughter played a drunk in the church Christmas play, and in the Easter program she played a prostitute...her response: "Great, I've gone from a drunk to a whore!" Her eight year old sisters response: "What's a whore?" Both of our girls are excellent students, love God and love going to church, they have oodles of friends and I'm glad we've got them...Their innocence amazes me, being raised in a pastors home they have seen and heard many things, some I would have preferred they hadn't seen and heard, yet I don't hear them complaining about the church and ministry...they're wonderful! 2. Kats We have this six month old kitten I call satan! He's cute, makes you believe he understands what you're saying, and does exactly what he wants to do! He nearly jumps in the bathtub with you, licks the water in the shower floor when you get out, will bite you in a heart beat and chases the baby when she walks through the room. He attacks the dog and eats his food, paws and purrs on the blanket in my wife's chair and thinks the world belongs to him! 3. The Kingdom Jesus said that unless we become as children we cannot enter the Kingdom of God, the innocence of a child, the simple ability to believe and act upon what we've been told, that's what Jesus is looking for. He also looks for some of those traits my cat has, oblivious to what's going on around him, he has a focus I can't come close to having. I want to enter the Kingdom, to be a part of God's plan for humanity, but sometimes I get off focus, am easily distracted and sometimes detoured, unlike my cat who will will go right back where you found him and avoid you at any cost...I find that people often loose their way, thank God for a seeking Saviour! Kids, kats, and the Kingdom, I guess we can learn from them all!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

When I was a kid there was a song that has now become famous called, "Respect" All I want the singer said is a little respect, she spelled it out and said find out what it means to me! We all want respect...don't we? The Bible says we should honor those that labor among us, give honor to them whom honor is due, submit to those in authority, and the list goes on and on..Respect is an important aspect of our lives. Let me share some thoughts of my own concerning respect: 1. Respect is not one sided If I want respect I must show respect. It is important that we respect one another, and some of this comes from developing the ability to understand, not analyze, but knowing where we are all coming from. 2. Respect is expected Your position does demand a certain amount of respect, we should honor one another and respect those over us if we desire those under us to respect us. 3. Respect is earned...not demanded We earn respect by relationship. While my position may expect respect, my relationship with others, the integrity we walk in, the manner in which we conduct ourselves, and the words that we speak develop a sense of honor and respect among those we have relationship with. 4. Respect can be created Respect has an atmosphere, it can be created when we determine to walk uprightly, treat each other fairly, learn to look for opportunities to connect with others, to listen and learn from people and situations.