Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't You Want To Be Brave?
My last few blogs have been about my daughter and some of them quite silly, and though it is my blog, I wanted to let people know I do have other things to say, but I love my family, my kids are the joy of my I'm sure talking and writing about them is far from over! I want to be brave. I have lived for years with insecurities that at times stifle if not snuff out my creativity and ability to step outside the box. I've never been one to live within the confines of others boxes, always wanted to march to a different drummer, believe that while God despises rebellion, He loves radical, after all, Jesus wasn't a conformist, He was a trail blazer. I want to be brave! I admire those people who are willing to go where they've never gone before, do what they've never done before, and that throw caution to the wind. Lindsey Humphries is a ten year old that attends our church and school, she went snowboarding this year, I would have worried about breaking my leg. Or what about the people in Tibet, who are unwilling to allow a super power over take them, so they march, fight back, and stand...being brave isn't always about movement, sometimes it's about taking a stand for what you believe and doing what you feel is right! To be brave often requires going against the grain, living beyond the status quo, and saying things that aren't readily understood. Being brave requires vision and listening to the inner voice, having a conscience that isn't framed by what is popular at the moment, but one that may be popular after you have been brave enough to speak what is in your heart...And if it never becomes popular and politically correct it's ok, that wasn't your purpose in the first place! I want to be brave when it counts, when I know that it will make a difference in someone else's life, when it is an act of obedience to God, and when the only payment I receive is the knowledge that I did what I saw and heard in my spirit and when the day is done God says...You did good!

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