Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last Thursday I woke up with a sore toe, not a big deal, has happened before...but never like what it has become...Gout! By Saturday it was swollen and hard to walk on, immediately I went to my I began to analyze the situation and discover that indeed I did have all the symptoms of gout, and according to the internet I could cure with natural remedies...yeah right! I began the long and arduous journey of eat cherries and strawberries, drinking apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, pomgranite/cherry juice, bottle after bottle of water, and eating ibuprofin like pez tablets...By this past Wednesday I thought it was better, when I awakened Thursday I realized I was was worse! Today I broke down and went to the doctor, a three hour journey, they couldn't verify my insurance because Aetna was closed, I offered to pay cash, they weren't sure they could do that, then they could...only 20 bucks! Then it was check the vitals and send me back out to wait, in the middle of all of this I sat next to an older lady who noticed my Big Dog shirt and wanted to know if I had a big dog, I explained it was a brand, she began to talk dogs with me, I informed her we have one that I hate, hoping this would end the didn't. The doctor wasn't overly friendly, don't think he liked the fact that I self diagnosed and was correct...I love it when I'm right! There's a spiritual lesson or two here, I'm not sure what they are yet, though I must admit that I continue to believe that God heals, wish He would have done it without the doctor, but He uses them too. Besides, my visit to his office cost me 20.00 and my three meds only cost 20.00, so I have been blessed and am not going to have a crisis of faith over my toe! Storms are natural part of life, even small ones, the key is not allowing the storm to get inside of you!

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