Friday, April 04, 2008

Kids, Kats, & The Kingdom
I have been in a mood for several days, I think I'm going through man-o-pause, or at least that's the excuse I'm giving today! During this past week I've been observing some things, especially in my own home: 1. My kids are great kids! They're not perfect, but they're great and they're hilarious. Our oldest daughter played a drunk in the church Christmas play, and in the Easter program she played a prostitute...her response: "Great, I've gone from a drunk to a whore!" Her eight year old sisters response: "What's a whore?" Both of our girls are excellent students, love God and love going to church, they have oodles of friends and I'm glad we've got them...Their innocence amazes me, being raised in a pastors home they have seen and heard many things, some I would have preferred they hadn't seen and heard, yet I don't hear them complaining about the church and ministry...they're wonderful! 2. Kats We have this six month old kitten I call satan! He's cute, makes you believe he understands what you're saying, and does exactly what he wants to do! He nearly jumps in the bathtub with you, licks the water in the shower floor when you get out, will bite you in a heart beat and chases the baby when she walks through the room. He attacks the dog and eats his food, paws and purrs on the blanket in my wife's chair and thinks the world belongs to him! 3. The Kingdom Jesus said that unless we become as children we cannot enter the Kingdom of God, the innocence of a child, the simple ability to believe and act upon what we've been told, that's what Jesus is looking for. He also looks for some of those traits my cat has, oblivious to what's going on around him, he has a focus I can't come close to having. I want to enter the Kingdom, to be a part of God's plan for humanity, but sometimes I get off focus, am easily distracted and sometimes detoured, unlike my cat who will will go right back where you found him and avoid you at any cost...I find that people often loose their way, thank God for a seeking Saviour! Kids, kats, and the Kingdom, I guess we can learn from them all!

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