Tuesday, April 01, 2008

When I was a kid there was a song that has now become famous called, "Respect" All I want the singer said is a little respect, she spelled it out and said find out what it means to me! We all want respect...don't we? The Bible says we should honor those that labor among us, give honor to them whom honor is due, submit to those in authority, and the list goes on and on..Respect is an important aspect of our lives. Let me share some thoughts of my own concerning respect: 1. Respect is not one sided If I want respect I must show respect. It is important that we respect one another, and some of this comes from developing the ability to understand, not analyze, but knowing where we are all coming from. 2. Respect is expected Your position does demand a certain amount of respect, we should honor one another and respect those over us if we desire those under us to respect us. 3. Respect is earned...not demanded We earn respect by relationship. While my position may expect respect, my relationship with others, the integrity we walk in, the manner in which we conduct ourselves, and the words that we speak develop a sense of honor and respect among those we have relationship with. 4. Respect can be created Respect has an atmosphere, it can be created when we determine to walk uprightly, treat each other fairly, learn to look for opportunities to connect with others, to listen and learn from people and situations.

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Barbara said...

And one thing I might add: It is hard to be respectful when one is not shown respect. Some people want respect but never respect the others they are around. Happens to my daughter all the time at work!