Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Can I Make A Difference?
Tuesday evening our oldest daughter came home a little late from dance practice at church, when asked why she said that she was discussing with her youth pastor her desire to make a difference in the lives of others. "I want to impact people, I want to do something that will help change their lives!" Her words have echoed in my mind ever since she spoke them, she spoke of wanting to fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer, of fulfilling the prophetic voices spoken over her that she will speak the Word of God, and in fact, that she will finish what I have started! She said, " I wanted to take what has been spoken over me and incorporate it with my career so that I can make a difference in others!" I'm proud of Kaitlin so I don't apologize for quoting so much of what she said, but her words also express the sentiment of my heart. How can I make a difference in others? What do I have to offer that others need and how can I impart for impact? I love to go online to and give grains of rice to hungry people, I don't mind doing walks for some charity, but how can I change the climate of the world I'm presently living in? What is that I personally can do? I'm a preacher, a communicator of truth, but preaching alone isn't going to change the world, we need to impact people spirit, soul, and body...Touching every area of their lives in a real and relevant manner....Would somebody tell me...How Can I Make A Difference?


Waneda Brownlow said...

Hi Neil. Thanks for your honest transparency. I think most of us want to make a "difference" or have an IMPACT of the proportions of a TSUNAMI.
I think, however, our lives are more like a pebble dropped into a pond creating ripples which continue gently changing the surface of the pond until they reach every inch of the shoreline.

If all of us who serve Jesus drop our pebbles, they will create ripples which collide with each other, creating waves, and ultimately a TSUNAMI.

That's how we make a difference. EAch of us lives a life of caring, loving, kindness in the name of the LORD. Sooner or later, the TSUNAMI is coming. Just give your all, one act, thought, prayer, or word at a time.

Keep writing, you inspire me.
Yours, Waneda

Ken said...

Great post, My Friend! The desire to make a difference is insatiable in the lives of Christians and for Kaitlin to express that desire shows many things including a great parenting job by you and Julie. You will impact the world for years to come!

Barbara said...

Your daughter sounds like the desire of all our hearts - to have children who do live for God and make a difference in the lives of others.

And thanks, Neil, for reminding me of the! I had forgotten and haven't been there in awhile. Going now!