Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Dressing Room
Last night my wife and I went out on a date, enjoy some wonderful New York Strip Steaks at Sam Seltzer's in Brandon, FL and a trip through the mall. We were shopping in JC Penny and she wanted to try some stuff on, I saw one of the dressing rooms had a chair in it, so when she enter I went with her, talked to her while she was trying clothes on! All of a sudden I heard a woman saying, "Is that a man's voice?" Julie started trying to shush me up, but it didn't work, I wasn't that loud it was just that I answered back, "Yeah, but I can't see you!" Not a another word was spoken, I got out of there without seeing anything I shouldn't see and my wife got a new blouse...good deal huh? Today I flew into Chicago, leaving 70 degree weather to enjoy 28 degree weather. I've already eaten Italian Beef at Portillo's, a Turtle Sundae from Culver's, and Chicago Pizza from Locano's in Kankakee...another step in eating my way through town!

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