Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jelly Beans & Crayons
That's what church should look and taste like! Jelly Beans come in many colors and create a variety of tastes. Crayons, the big box, has so many colors you can color anything and everything, you can even make up colors...shouldn't the Body of Christ be colorful and full of flavor? One of the things I love about living in Florida is the multitude of races, in our church we have Black, Hispanic, Native Indian, Caribbean, people that are mixed with various blood lines, people who don't know what they are...they're just people, and they are loved by the Lord...I can't imagine going to a church or living in an area where there is only one race that is prominent, Christ has redeemed us from every tongue, tribe, and nation and made us one! I think it's a sad thing when we can go to school, work, and Wal-Mart with people from every race, but not to church. It has always been my dream to pastor a large congregation with multitudes of people from every walk of life...Jelly Beans & Crayons...that's what I think!


Ken said...

That's the one thing that I dearly love about Narragansett. Although we are a small Congregation, we are made up of Hispanic, Black, Asian and Anglo. When everyone shows up it's just a little taste of Heaven!

Michael said...

Hello Neil,

I am attempting to contact our dear friend Waneda Brownlow. I emailed her through her blog and never received a response. If you have contact with her, please have her respond to the email I sent her.

In Bonds of Calvary,
Bishop Michael Rice