Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Starting Over
Last week was one of the most trying weeks of my life, it shouldn't have been, but it was. I was asked to assist with the video projection portion of our Easter Program, an easy feat, or so I thought. On Tuesday I went to the video room inserted the DVD only to find that the video was awesome but the audio reeked, it skipped like an old record. I called Media Shout, downloaded files, updated drivers, defragmented hard drives, nothing would work. For three days I did everything I knew to do,to say that I was stressed is an understatement, finally I took the Dell laptop to a Computer guy, of course it's out of warranty, so I used a local repair guy that ended up reformatting the hard drive...not in time for the program, of course! I connected my fairly new laptop, complete with Vista, did I mention how much I hate Vista? It skipped too, I finally ended up using someone else older Dell, complete with XP and I called the maker of the DVD and they sent me the files I needed, which were quickly downloaded and instantly worked and our program was a great success...Certainly not because of me, but including my part. Now that you've read all this seemingly useless information, here's what I wanted to get to. With the reformatting of the hard drive there now had to be a new installation of the programs, including Media Shout which we use for video display, today I began the arduous process of reentering all of our songs. It's not hard, just time consuming, and here's the interesting thing, I get to enter what I want, what we need, what we use...I had to start over! Life is this huge continuous process, a process that takes us many places, allows us to meet many people and to experience many things. Sometimes life gets messy, like when the sheep in our Easter program pooped all over the place, little poop pellets covered the front of the sanctuary, I have to admit sometimes my life leaves little poop pellets all over the place, or others make deposits in my life that I would rather not be subjected to, but I am. The awesome thing about walking with God is we get to start over some times, He allows us not to go back, but to begin again right where we, in doing so we omit things that we don't need, submit things that we do, and admit that we messed up...it's a powerful thing, it's also painful and takes time, but don't good things come to those wait?

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Waneda Brownlow said...

Neil, I NEED to talk to you. PLEASE call me. Apparently I don't have the correct number for you.
I have tried and tried to call you.