Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Next Step
We're moving, I've been gone three weeks and my family is now preparing to join me at our new assignment. I've come back to Florida for Christmas, but today we've gotten our second truck and been loading it, cleaning our house, sitting on the floor, planning on sleeping on the floor and looking forward to the next step. The adventure is not in the going it's in the arriving, what happens next? I am also anticipating our new ministry assignment, what will we do once we're all there? Will the people like us, will they accept us, will they leave, and will the Lord be with us? I'm sure of one thing, the Lord will be with us, His covenant promise is He will never leave or fail or forsake us. My mind recalls the words of the Apostle Paul to Timothy in II Timothy 4: He begins challenging Timothy to preach the Word, that there will come a time when sound doctrine will not be popular or endured, he tells him to fight with faith and finish the course and then he slam dunks the point: There were those who left me, people who at one time were faithful to the ministry who are no longer with me...Nevertheless and notwithstanding, the Lord stood with me and through me made the preaching of the Gospel known. The next step is ok because the Lord will not fail, the next step is a good step because it is ordered by the Lord, the next step will work because He knows the way we take...we just have to be willing to take the next step!

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Starts...New Seasons...New Stuff
Three weeks ago our family took a gigantic step of faith, we accepted a new ministry assignment in West Virginia, leaving sunny Florida, familiar places and people, and are now living in a beautiful home located in Martinsburg, WV. This morning it's 13 degrees, the wind is over 20 mph, and I saw two deer in my backyard...pretty cool, huh! Our church is a wonderful mixture of ages and personalities, kind people, people that have been through some stuff and won, they stayed intact, are healing and progressing forward...that's kewl! As I'm learning my way around the city, finding all the places that I need to go I'm also learning a spiritual truth: each day takes me to a new place, each new place introduces me to new stuff, stuff that has the potential of changing my life as well as theirs. It's a new season, it's a new day, fresh anointing is coming my way, it's a season of power and prosperity, it's a new season and it's coming to me!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time Keeps On Slipping...Into The Future!
These were the words of a song when I was a teenager, probably wasn't all that spiritual and I don't remember much more about the song than these words...but I think there's a truth involved here. Time waits on no one, tomorrow becomes today, yesterday was today, and life as we know is moving at a rapid the question is what will we do with the time we have? The concept of process continues to haunt me, the reality that we have been set on a course, given the same exact amount of time each day, week, month, and year to accomplish our assignment, and entrusted by God to do our best...amazing when you think about it...that God would trust us with His time! Recently I was reminded that as I pursue the purpose of my life that I need not rush things, but be faithful and consistent...after all, I have years to fulfill the assignment. In my past I have often tried to rush things, thinking it was better start off running, hit the floor with both feet flying, often wearing out early in the race and losing my way. Not any more...I'm on a journey and inviting others to go with me! Remember the movie Forest Gump? One day he decided to go for a walk, that walk lasted several years and by the time it was all over there were dozens of people following him. I think that's the pursuit of God, that we are following Christ, inviting others to join the journey with us, and along the way we develop relationships and discover God in the process!