Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Me, Kaitlin, and Miami Ink
As long as Kaitlin is alive I will never die, she is the absolute image of me in the female species. Her facial expressions, attitude, sarcasm, everything...she is me! Although she does have her own thoughts, ambitions, and ways of doing things...Like her latest idea...are you ready for this? We've been discussing going to Ft. Lauderdale for vacation this year, so she has decided that the two of us need to venture on down to Miami and get tattoo's at the infamous Miami Ink. Now, I don't think there is anything wrong with having a tattoo, as long as it's something decent, in the right place and done with clean needles...but can you see me with a tattoo? Kaitlin says she's going to be an attorney, I told her she would have to have her tattoo where clients couldn't see it, she said it would be small and on her back along the waist line, I said when she gets old and it droops it will be below her butt where no one will want to see it! Monday we went to Cocoa Beach for a couple days and we both got these temporary tattoo's, the same one, a Chinese symbol for peace, mine is on my shoulder where no one can see it, hers is on her belly where no one better see it! I know this child of mine is going places and I truly believe the Lord is going to use her, but I'm beginning to believe she will be the pastor and attorney for a tattoo parlor...At least I can get one free...Not!

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Barbara said...

What is it with tattoo's with the kids now days? My kids (GROWN) have a friend that used to play in our church band. He's between the age of my daughter (37 1/2) and son (almost 40). He has tattoos like you would not believe. But, he got them after his Dad died (most of them after his Mom died) and after he fell on a job and isn't able to do much work. He actually got a job in a tattoo parlor, something I would never have seen him doing when he was young!

Lots of kids I know want a cross and are getting them - some on their leg near the ankle. I have heard (not seen) that our 19 1/2 yr old grandson has gotten one, too. Apparently, it's some place we will never see it. He knows we are against tattooing your body (sorry). It's just not a pretty sight for me, since, like you said, one day, it will be drooping the wrong way!!