Thursday, May 06, 2010

This Is It!
I was reading II Chronicles 2 this week and got inspired, the first verse says that Solomon was determined to build a house for the Lord, he asked God to allow him to do what his father David desired to do but couldn't. When God released him to move forward Solomon became determined to proceed.
It reminded me of those times in our lives when we have to make up our minds that this is it, I've moving forward regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. There has to be an inner tenacity that says, this is it, I've heard from God, I know what is in my spirit, and nothing is going to stop me!
Have you had a this is it moment?


Ken said...

I'm glad you are back! Keep it up.

JLTan said...

Yes, but right now, I am feeling the opposite emotion. Ie. there is something I need to succeed at, but I am feeling like I cannot do it.

Thank you for sharing an encouraging thought.

Neil said...


Perhaps by now you have stepped into your moment, and if so I applaud you. If not, let me encourage you and simply say that our times are in God's hands, our steps are ordered by the Lord, He knows our path...keep walking friend!

Anonymous said...

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Middleberry said...

all the time dude...all the time!

Rodney G Spray said...

I'm very new to blogging. I enjoy what you have up here, in particular the portion thaat god led you to write a book about, Isaiah 54. "Enlarge the place of thy habitations.." In our Afrikaans Bible, (South Africa), He speaks of enlarging the place of your tent dwelling. Hammering the pegs in deeper. Moving the sidewalls further out. Expanding, making place for growth. This touched me some time back and tonight I see the need for greater growth in Him. Be blessed.Check my site out at:

jack said...

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