Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hanging Around The House!
Since August I've been gone as much if not more than I've been home, so when I flew in Thursday it was a thrill knowing that I am home for four weeks...That's right, four weeks! As I was flying into Tampa on Thursday my wife was flying to Dayton, OH to visit her family in Hamilton, her Dad turned 80 this week and her birthday was on Friday. So I'm here at home with my two daughters, one of which is rarely home and the other is either trying to be gone or to have some one come over, and then there's the pets, a dog, a cat that is crazy, and a new goldfish...if history proves to be true the fish will have a limited tenure here, we'll see! Last night my little one and I made the quick trip to Duncan Donuts, after 2:00 PM if you buy six you get six free...we bought six and got six, five are already gone, thank goodness only two of us are home, we'd be fighting for that last donut! Have you ever snuck into the kitchen to grab the last donut before your child got it? I have to admit, that's pretty bad but I've done it! There's no place like home, getting back into the swing of things, getting caught up and reconnected...There's probably a spiritual lesson to be learned here...for now I just want to quote the great prophet Ty Pennington, "Welcome Home Smith Family, Welcome Home!"

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