Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Want To Live For God!
I know that sounds kind of strange coming from a pastor, but I really do want to love Him with my whole heart and to live for Him in a way that pleases Him and expresses to others how awesome He is. Recently I was reading a message board that is mainly comprised of denominational ministers and members, by the time I got done I was asking myself why I was in the ministry, and even further, I wondered if I had read this first would I want to be a believer? Don't take me wrong, I well realize that there are negatives in the world, have some in my own life, being a Christian doesn't exempt us from trouble, it means we don't go through it alone, it gives us insight, wisdom, power, and direction, it really is the abundant life...not just secure death. Abundance and prosperity in life to me are having what I need to do the will of God and to become the person God sees me as. So I will have more month than money at times, get frustrated, yell at my kids, not like my job, wish I could stay home on Sunday occasionally, go anyway and worship my way through it...and at the end, I'll be alright! When all is said and done, living with Christ is much better than living without Him, because no matter how much I screw up, and I do...too much and too often...He still loves me, lives in me, and listens...you can't go wrong with a God like that! I really do want to live to for Him!

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