Monday, February 04, 2008

What Happens In The End Is What Counts The Most!
Our pastor shared a powerful thought during his message yesterday, he was relating life to a football game when he made the statement that the best and most important part of a football game is what takes place at the end. As I was watching the Super Bowl last night I found his words to be true, after all that was said and done, the game was decided in the last thirty-five seconds of the game, at fifty seconds the Patriots were winning and looking as if they were taking the trophy home, fifteen seconds later everything changed. The Apostle Paul likened our walk with Christ as a race, reminding us that we all run, one wins, so we must run to win. He also reminds us not to grow weary in our well doing for we will reap if we do not lose heart. At a time when life seems to be becoming more difficult there is a tendency to relax rather than run, to grow weary in our walk rather than pushing and pressing into consistency and the greater things of life and of God. One of the problems I see among Christians is that too often we want everything the easy way, feel like some one owes us something, that we deserve for free what others have paid for, impart something into me, but don't ask me to pay for it...I want to be blessed, close to God, to obtain His benefits and blessings, but I don't have time to be committed...can't come to church for 2-3 hours a week, though I can watch a three hour football game. This morning on CNN.Com, I watched a priest who said that there is a progressive distancing from God, he also said that the working of our enemy satan is real and effective, not because satan has more power than God, but because he is being given more space...He's getting attention! Of late I have been dealing with the concept of relevance, of being real, of relating to people in a way that makes sense and that impacts their lives. What I realize in my heart is that I am where I want to be until I do what I need to do to get where I'm supposed to be. I know, I've said this before, but it is true, I won't get out of debt until I quit spending, won't lose weight until I change my eating habits and exercise and I won't be closer to God until I do what the Word says! Don't have to pray about it, need no further prophecies, no preacher to call me out...We have an entire book, a catalog if you will of God's words concerning our lives. We are at the end of the race and how we run right now determines if we win or not!


norrie said...

Neil Parker Smith, you are not even ready for this blast from your past.

I had kind of slipped out of the whole COG loop for the last couple of years. A night or two at Camp Meeting was more than enough for me. But...circumstances of my life and God's Amazing anf Eternal Grace have brought me full circle.

Anyway, I attended service in Lexington for Prayer Conference last week and even looked for you or Julie. Not sure I would recognize either of you (but after seeing your photo on here--yes, yes I would) but took a chance. I spotted Billy Dehner (Sheila wasn't with him, they are divorced.)and chatted with Mark Hisle (Jen wasn't there first night and I was tied up at the altar the second night so I missed her again.) but so many of the folks have aged til I hardly recognize them. I guess it is mostly their children pastoring now. (Buddy, time flies whether you are having fun or not.)

I (like you) have two daughters. They are 18 and 13 and are pretty much uh-mazing which I remind them that they get 'from their Momma." Tana just transferred this term to SCC (she can attend free since I teach here) from Centre. It has been a big adjustment for her, but God is using it to our collective good (geez, I love Romans 8.) Jenna is an 8th grader but looks much older. She has her first crush on (of all people) the pastor's son. As it happens, Tana spotted him also. Can you just see Norrie and Maria sitting on the pew together? Lord help me. I thought the age gap would prevent this junk...teach me to think, huh?

After my job change last month, I am working in Institutional Research at a small, private college near home. I miss teaching--a lot, but this field has a better career track so I thought I would give it a try while the offer was open.

Dad is still pastoring, though slowing down considerably. He turns 70 this fall and the changes in both him and Mom break my heart. (All part of God's plan, huh? Well, not the original one, but the revised version anyway.) Maria and her husband, Rick, are back in KY and they have two sons. Motsy is (nearly 30--now let that sink in; blows the mind, doesn't it?) working in Georgetown, KY at the college. She's a graphic arts specialist and is very good (earning more than her big sister).

Well, that should give you a bit to stroll down through memory lane with, so I'll pop off for now. I am on the local school board and we have a meeting tonight.

Before I forget, I just heard Ken Holt's name a few days I can't recall where (or even who) but I will have to track down the connection after seeing his name as a link.

All the best to you and Julie and the girls. nhn

Neil said...

Wow Norrie!

This is a blast from the past, and a pleasant one! Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out. Do you blog? Do you My Space? Check out my My Space:

We've been gone from KY for quite awhile, after leaving Glasgow we lived in Illinois for seven years, the returned to Louisville for 18 months, didn't attend much COG stuff, and when we did we kept to ourselves pretty much. We're now living in Florida and even more to ourselves, but enjoying warm weather.

How do you know Ken Holt? He's one of my close and longest friends, known him since the mid seventies.

Keep in touch, it's really good to hear from you!

Barbara said...

It is the 'until's' that get us, isn't it! I have lots of those in my life, as well.

As with the Giants, they didn't know they would beat the Patriots until that last few seconds, but they held in there and won! I watched it, too - although my husband left because the way the Patriots were playing - he was hoping Brady would win.

Neil said...

There's a real word Barb, "Until", in the words of my wife and daughter, "That will preach!"