Friday, May 16, 2008

At the first of the year our senior pastor spoke prophetically to me that he believed that 2008 was going to be a huge year in our ministry. At the time it wasn't clear as to what all that meant, but I believe part of that is coming to pass this fall. We have been planning a trip to Kenya in September, trying to get dates set, tickets priced and ready for purchase, deciding who is or isn't going, all the normal procedures for a trip of this size. Wednesday I opened on of my email accounts to find an email from my friend Peter Franz, Peter is a German born evangelist who resides in Kenya, God has used him all over Africa to spread the gospel, he travels extensively through Kenya and into the Sudan conducting crusades, showing the Jesus video and discipling pastors to minister to their communities. This week Peter invited me to come be the morning speaker in a large outdoor crusade in Kisumu, this is the third largest city in Kenya, the home town of Kenya's new Prime Minister...I am honored and elated! To be able to travel around the world and share the gospel, to have the opportunity to share with and pour into the lives of ministers that will in turn change a nation is a dream come true! My greatest passion is sharing the Word of God, it is being a pastor, and I am completely consumed with is my second home! Presently I am working on taking a friend with me and working out the logistics, you know, getting the dates together, figuring out how I'm going to pay for the trip, how long we're going to be gone and where else we'll travel while there. Pray for us, ask the Lord to give us direction and to provide the necessary funds...ask God to give me the right words, to give us souls, and that Kenya will be changed for the glory of God! September just can't come soon enough...I can't wait!

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