Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Presence of Perception
It has been said that how one perceives a thing determines how you respond to that thing. How we relate to our circumstances and situations, our environment, and the cards life deals us determines the outcome of whether or not we impact our generation in a positive or negative manner. This past week my family has been on vacation, while there I read a book that has challenged my spirit, forcing my to allow my perspective to be enlarged and my heart to reach beyond the borders of my comfort zone...I hunger for more, to make a difference in others, and to significantly impact my generation. The book I read is "Three Cups of Tea", the story of Greg Mortenson, the son of a Lutheran Missionary, raised in Tanzania, who went to Pakistan to climb K2, got lost and found himself in one of the most impoverished areas of the world, the area which would birth the Taliban. What he found was a need to build schools for children, especially girls, these children sat on the ground, in burned out buildings, or deserted tanks and trucks. He left to return to America with promise of returning to build one school at the cost of 12,000.00, not realizing that in the next ten years he would return time and time again building fifty-five schools and venturing into Afghanistan and continuing until this day to reach into the hearts and lives of these beautiful people. It wasn't always easy, he had to build relationships and trust, an American Christian in a Muslim country, seeking to touch their lives and meet a need, not to preach or try to convert them, he was even kidnapped at one point, yet he continued to give of himself to others. Tears filled my eyes as I devoured this book, searching my own soul, questioning the ministry God has given me, asking myself, am I doing enough and why do I do what I do, and how can I do more. There is a struggle within my spirit, a struggle for significance, not for recognition, but to make a difference in others. Is it possible that God is raising up a generation of ministers that have no names? Oh, they have names, they simply aren't known to the main stream, they minister in local churches, in the streets and in nursing homes. They stand before people and declare the unsearchable riches of God, declaring the Word of God, and modeling it with their lifestyles, not just their words or through sermons, they have become the call and the Word of God to others, painting houses, feeding adults and children, clothing the naked, and giving a drink of water to the thirsty. These people take seriously the words of Jesus who said, "If you give a drink of water to someone in My name, you have done it unto Me!" My name may never be found in a popular Christian magazine, it may never been known around the world, but it is my desire and my prayer that I will touch someone's life in a way that effects future generations! Read more about Greg Mortenson at or, I would encourage you to buy the book, buy it from and 7% of your purchase will go to change the lives of children in Pakistan.

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Darrell said...

Thanks for sharing this Neil. I don't usually read a lot of biographies anymore, but I will have to order this one. Sounds like an awesome read.
An interesting side note; I just so happens that I have just made a connection with a man in Pakistan who is preaching the Gospel and am preparing to try to raise the money to help with buying a motorcycle.
Just thought it was interesting in light of your last line.