Friday, August 29, 2008

What If It Is...What If It Isn't?
Recently I saw a flier for an upcoming youth rally called "The Final Push" it is intended for the "final generation". The lineup looks incredible and this will no doubt be a fantastic gathering! When I read the title though the thought immediately came to mind, what if this isn't the final generation? I admit I can be cynical, but in this instance it isn't my intention, I along with many believe that we are living in the end times, but I also believe that there have been several generations that have lived in the end how do we know that this is the final generation? And if it is the final generation when will it end? And if it isn't the final generation what do we do? It seems to me that the teachings of scripture taught an imminent return of Christ to the earth, but it also emphasized readiness, a sense of urgency, but not fearfulness. The return of Christ is to be the blessed hope, the passion that propels evangelism, that creates a missional church that walks out and lives daily the teachings of Jesus...not just a theme that preaches well and causes hearts to be fearful. Ted Dekker, in his book, "The Slumber of Christianity", suggests it is the lack of looking for the return of Christ that has caused Christianity to be where it is today, that too many of us are more interested in obtaining earthly fulfillment that readying the hearts of those around for eternity...I must admit that I would like to see my daughters grown, have grandchildren, spend retirement with my wife and pay off some debt before the end comes...does that make me worldy minded? Is it possible that this could be the final push for the final generation and that what Christ has called us to do is disciple the nations in the message of Jesus Christ that when He does return we are not found idle, but as Jesus said, "occupying until He comes?" So if He comes in my lifetime I am blessed and ready, but if He doesn't...I'm still blessed, ready, and getting others ready with me...Sounds like we win one way or the other!

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