Sunday, August 31, 2008

Love The One You're With!
When our oldest daughter was born I could not imagine loving a child more than we loved Kaitlin. She was and is the apple of my eye, as a baby I was consumed by her, to the point that I honestly believed that she was the only child to ever have a cold, get the sniffles, fall down, or any of the other things that happen in the lives of our children. If she went to the doctor for a routine checkup I would beg God to let her be OK and not to die...I was fanatically consumed with this child...and still am to this day...often some of our most important decisions are based on how it would effect this child. When Kaitlin was three we moved from Kentucky to Illinois, my wife wanted to have another child, while she was consumed with having another, I was content and consumed with not having another, after all, how could I love another child as much or in the same way I loved Kaitlin, and I would never divide my love for my children...I love them both equally...they are the joy of my life! This morning we had a guest minister speak at our church, he spoke of God being our refuge, our resource, and our rest, he told us that God loves us not because we are valuable, but that because God loves us we are valuable. He made a statement that spoke volumes to me, he said there are times when we give more to one child than the other and that there are times when people ask the question, "How do you give more to one than the other?" The answer, "Who ever needs more at the moment!" What a powerful thought, God loves each of us the same, but there are times in our lives when more grace is required, when our needs are greater than another's, and God in His infinite love and wisdom releases into our lives exactly what we need! Do I love my girls equally, absolutely, are there times one gets something or more than the other, certainly, but not because I am unfair or because I feel differently towards one of them, but because at the moment the opportunity or need arises and we are blessed to bless them! I guess we simply need to love the one we're with!

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