Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Getting Anxious
In 18 days I will board a plane and leave for what I believe to be the trip of a lifetime. In 2004 I went to Kenya for the first time fully expecting it to be my last, before we boarded to return home I knew deep within my spirit that I would return over and over again, and I have. This upcoming trip will be my eighth trip since March, 2004 and already I am looking forward to the next time! What makes this trip exciting is that I am going to Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya, the home town of the new Prime Minister, Mr. Odinga, near Lake Victoria, and will be participating in a large outdoor crusade with my good friend Evangelist Peter Franz. We will teach leaders to lead, share the Gospel, and train pastors and laity alike to share the message of Christ in the streets. Already 80,000 posters have been prepared and will be distributed, I believe many people will come to know Christ! I am excited! We will travel also to Turkana, where the second oldest people group live, descendants of the Cushites, I absolutely cannot wait. When I return to Kenya I always feel like I'm returning home, as if this is the place that I belong, not one day goes by that I do not think of Africa, that I do not dream of being there, and wish that I could spend more time there. I'm not a full-time missionary, probably not even a part-time missionary, but I am Wambua, rain in the Kamba language, the brother of Titus Kiillu, the friend of Rapheal Mutinda and George and Daniel Gichana, Pastor Maurice and many others. God has emblazed a passion within my heart and spirit for these people and I will forever be thankful that God has allowed me to journey into this wonderful land. And so I travel, and I share, and I love, and I dream, and I live in the hope that I can somehow make a difference that will not just change the moment, but the future for the better for the glory of God!

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