Monday, September 08, 2008

People in the Process
Years ago Bill Cosby did a record, not a cd, a real life actual album that talked about how wonderful it would be if Polaroid could create an easier way for childbirth, it would make the process quicker and less painful. I would suppose women across the world would rejoice and we men who want everything in life to be quick would be happy campers...but somethings need process! I don't mind eating microwaved food, at least when it comes to burrito's or corn dogs, warming up left overs is ok, but I want pot roast to simmer all day long, if not over night...there's something that happens in the process that makes it worth the wait! Process is an important aspect of our lives, in our emotion, physical, and spiritual development, somethings need to come suddenly and somethings need to be developed and waited upon. So often in our impatience we look for shortcuts, seeking to find an easier and quicker way, not recognizing that in bypassing the process we are depriving ourselves of much needed elements. The concept of waiting is frustrating to us, standing in line irritates us, going through the various levels of process annoys us...yet, if we are willing to submit to process we will posses and become exactly what God has desired for our lives. The Apostle John talks about this in John 1:12 when he states that as many as would receive Him(Christ) to them He gives the power to become the sons of God. At the moment of salvation all that He is is deposited into our lives, but it takes time and process for it to be we need to learn appreciate and enjoy process!

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Darrell said...

You are so on it Neil. I speak about this all the time, and it is from two perspectives. First, we in the Body of Christ look at "baby" Christians and expect them to act like those who have served Christ for years. Doesn't happen that way. On the flip side, we see "newbies" in the Lord trying to run when they have not learned to walk. In both counts we need to recognize the process of renewal. The soul is saved, or reborn in an instant when we give our lives to Christ. But then there is a process of being our bodies into subjection. We are called "disciples" because this walk with Christ is a disciplined process of renewal. There are no shortcuts.