Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back In Illinois
This morning I left sunshine and warm weather to venture off in Springfield, IL. Tomorrow morning I begin revival at Heartland Worship Center, I'm really looking forward to this meeting, getting to know the pastors and seeing all that the Lord will do. I flew Ted airlines, felt like I was on the Hee Haw Plane, to board I had to go out the rear door of the gate area, down two flights of steps, up another flight to the rear of the plane...where I was seated next to a young family flying with their two year old, who is the next two and one half hours was not still nor quiet for more than a minute, the mother the entire time wanting to move so the baby will have more room, I'm on the aisle seat, she's in the middle...I kindly moved and enjoyed the remainder of the flight. In Chicago for a layover I enjoyed a nice Chicago Hot Dog...something about being in the City...It's Home! United Airlines and Ted are now my least favorite airline, cost me 15.00 for my one checked bag which my receipt calls "Excess Baggage", how can it be excess if it's my only bag? Here in Springfield I'm staying at a nice Ramada Inn with all sorts of places to eat within walking's going to be a great week...Even if it is only 73 for a daytime high! It smells like Fall and that is something I miss!


Darrell said...

Dude, I would have to think two or three times before getting on an airline named "Ted." That's funny. Sorry you had such a bad flight. Praying you guys have an awesome move of God this week in Springfield.

Neil said...

Ted is an affiliate of United Airlines, which is really sad. Nice plane, but not great service!

elect1mike said...

Neal at least you were close to Champaign. Miss you hope we run into each other again soon.

Mike siegmund