Saturday, October 25, 2008

You Can't Stop A Season!
I am a Chicagoian transplanted to Florida, we don't have hurricanes in Chicago, so when we moved to Florida in 2004 and experienced our first hurricane season, I was flipped out to say the least. When the first one entered the Gulf of Mexico all the models suggested it was coming to Tampa Bay, we live about 30 minutes outside of Tampa so I was quite concerned, what do we do, how do we prepare, do we board up, should we be afraid, will it hit us? These are just a few of the milder concerns I had. It ended up missing us, we would also that same season endure a couple other misses, a the lower end of a category one and the tail end of a tropical storm. It's now been four years since we experienced our first hurricane season, June through November still concerns me, I particularly get nervous toward the end of August through the end of October...but I have learned some things! Hurricane season is much like the seasons of our lives, it's on God's calendar first, He controls the wind and the waves, He orders the events of our lives and either in control of all or not at all. There is nothing we can do to change the season we find ourselves in, much like the coming of the storm, we prepare for it, make sure we have made all the necessary arrangements, have all the equipment and supplies we need, and we ride out whatever comes our way. So often we want to control everything, to figure out what is taking place in our lives, Jesus told His disciples, "It is not for you to know the times and seasons that the Father has put in His own power!" Don't understand me here, I am fully aware that God expects and needs for us to discern the times, we are to have an awareness, but we are not supposed to allow the times and seasons to dictate our victory, our ability to remain focused when trouble comes our way. The storms of life are opportunities for God to reveal Himself in real and relevant manners, He speaks and the winds and waves obey Him. Whatever season you may be going through in your life, don't try to stop, learn to walk in it and see what lessons the Lord will teach you, what glory the Lord will reveal in you as you walk out the revelation of Jesus Christ!


Darrell said...

Good word Neil. As I was reading this, a thought hit me that I had never thought of before. While I have realized that each season is necessary, I must confess I don't like them all. I love fall with a passion, but I really don't like it toward the end of that season and moving into winter. Right now it is getting cold, the leaves are falling and everything seems to be dieing and it's getting gray outside. I find myself getting uneasy about the season that is coming, because I hate winter. Or do I? I always say I hate winter. But the truth is, that there is much about winter that I love. I love going for a walk on a snowy night. The sky is almost magical on some snowy nights in winter. I love watching the kids play in the snow. I love the smell of the air on a brisk morning after a snow. And I love the foods of the season! My point is, that there is so much about that (and every other) season that I love, but if I allow myself too, I can get so negative (and grouchy) about the season that I miss the joy that accompanies ONLY that season. We must learn to embrace each season with the same passion as our favorites. In our spiritual journey, I fear that we are often missing some of the Lord's choicest blessings because we are so consumed with the negatives that we miss the blessing.

Neil said...


What I've also come to realize is that each season serves a purpose, Winter kills things that need to die, it also covers and protects things hidden for a season, providing nutrients for the Spring. The Spring is the season of sowing and of budding new life, while summer is a time of growth, and Fall the season of reaping...aspects of each season are both beneficial and frustrating, but all necessary!