Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today has been one of those busy doing nothing days. This morning was cold, and I had to get my wife's vehicle tagged, her sticker expired in August, we don't drive the van much, ride together most of the time...and I had misplaced the registration letter, it had fallen behind the drawer in my desk and was on the flood under the desk...55.00 later she's legal again! Then it was off to the airport to drop off our evangelist, which meant a stop at Leroy Selmon's for sweet heat chicken and then to Starbucks on the way's an addiction and an anointing:) Our nine year old had to have a tooth pulled, her first time, thankfully it was a baby tooth, but she needed to come home I got to bring her home and spend the afternoon watching the Suite Life of Zack and Cody...she's asleep and I'm still watching Disney....something wrong with this picture? I am a blessed man, God has given me a wonderful wife, wonderful children, and He has remained faithful, even when I was less to Him than He is to me. Faithful is what I want to be, to be consistent, to become more like Jesus, to allow less to disturb me, to respond as He would, to be light and salt, less reactive to the stuff that often pulls us appreciate the process more...God is good and I'm trying to be :)

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