Saturday, November 01, 2008

Call Me A Dreamer
I read the blogs, web sites, and writings of a wonderful friend named Bill Isaacs, he is the Administrative Bishop for the Church of God in Northern Ohio, an author, and has a phenomenal web site called Forward Leadership, ( Today I received a note from him that both spoke and challenged my spirit, he talked about being willing to dream bigger, and that doing so requires surrounding yourself with people who dream big, and allowing yourself to dream larger than you presently live...sometimes that's hard to do. Recently I was with a minister friend who appears to be intimidated by ministers or pastors of larger ministries, while I was speaking in a large conference last year, a conference that had the resources to stretch him, he chose to go minister to a small congregation and meet our team later. I'm not being critical, he had the opportunity to bless or be blessed, but I also think he missed a great moment to receive some powerful instruction and impartation, partly because he may have been intimidated! Great men and women dream, they see into the darkness and find light, they stare at the impossible and see the possible, they believe they can when everyone and everything around them says they can't...they run when all around them are walking, and they live when they should have died. Dreaming is the inner sanctim of the soul, that place that creates a reachable reality, the place where miracles and ministries are born...some dreams happen and some don't, but we must never stop dreaming and most assuredly can never stop telling our dream to others! The words of Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech continue to shape American and World history, the words of prophets like Jeremiah who said, "Let the prophet that has a dream...tell it!", or Habakkuk, who wrote, "Write the vision and make it plain, that they who read it may run..." Our dream is that thing that happens when you close your natural eyes and allow your spiritual, inner eyes to glimpse beyond where you are presently. You see into the future, beyond the lines of humanity, of financial bondage, of traditions, and you see through God's eyes, hear His thoughts, and allow Him to transform your thinking...when you open your eyes you may be in the same place, facing the same things, but you see them differently because you yourself can no longer be the same...I have a about you?

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Darrell said...

That's a good word Neil. It's funny, but for the past week, I've felt the Lord challenging me, stretching me, and this just spoke right to my spirit. Thanks!