Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey & Fries
That's what we're having for Thanksgiving, turkey and french fries! I know it's quite different from the traditional Thanksgiving meal, most have mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, cornbread dressing...but our little one decided mashed potatoes are yucky and requested french fries instead...they can be the frozen kind, just as long as they're fries and on the table at 2:00! Amazing how we create our own traditions, how we view things and do things differently, and that in our own uniqness we become who we are. I'm kind of looking forward to it...after all, I get to eat turkey and hang out with my girls, you can't ask for more than that can you! Happy Thanksgiving!


Pastor Jeff said...

Fries and turkey sound good! Especially with some Open Pit BBQ sauce.

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!

Neil said...

Well, we had a last minute change and ditched the fries. But my daughter is pretty much limited to fries as a veggie, and at that it's on her terms!

Hope your day was great!

Pastor Jeff said...

I made up some fries last night, sliced the taters myself. Had them with turkey and Open Pit, just like I said!