Friday, October 21, 2005

Here we are again, waiting for the storm. Don't know if it's coming our way or not, can't predict if it's going to hit us, miss us, go above, through, or below us. I have to admit waiting for the storm is unnerving, I contemplate what will take place, lots of wind and rain, will there be any damage to our home, our church, our members, what will life be like if we are hit hard? Another thing I ponder is why shouldn't we be hit? Am I any better or different than those people that have already suffered? I don't think so, I'm not that important. Hurricanes frighten me to the core, my mind races, I think of evacuating, then I think of moving, then I think about how much I love Florida and how much I hate the you think I think too much! What I realize when the dust settles and my mind for a few moments begins to rest is that the key to it all is being prepared and trusting in the Lord. My heart must be right with God, I must take the necessary precautions that I can to provide protection for my I bought two cases of water, four gallon jugs, six two liters of soda, some pop tarts and some peanut butter crackers. We have popsicles and lunch meat, so if the power goes out we're good for a couple of days...and I have a word in my spirit from God: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for You are with me! Folks in the southern part of the state must be emotional wrecks, or true Floridians who have grown adjusted to hurricane living. I'm a newbie, only 15 months living here, perhaps some day I'll adjust, until then...I'll stay prepared! May even be a sermon in this!


Darrell said...

I was watching the news about the hurricane and thinking about you guys last night. It is one of those weird times where you know there is emense danger lurking, will it hit here.. there? Who knows. Just know we are praying for you buddy. Yeah, we are praying for everyone down there too, but somehow the prayers are different when it concerns someone who is part of your life.
Keep us posted and if it should hit there, if there is anything we can do, call me.
Blessings and protection to the Smith home, in Jesus Name!

Neil said...

Everything looks like it will hit south of us and we will experience rain and some wind. What comes to me is that everything is not always as it appears. This is part of life's adventures. Last night Julie and I went to Tampa with some friends for dinner and ended up downtown on a pier. There were people fishing, one guy caught a small hammerhead shark, another guy caught a large t-shirt. I was pretty excited about the shark but already have a large t-shirt.

The Lord again speaks to me through this storm of my need for ensuring personal preparation, for the storm is much like our spiritual lives, we are only safe if we remain in the right place.

Thanks Darrell!