Friday, October 28, 2005

Getting Ready To Leave This World! No, I'm not being raptured or returning to the Red Back Hymnal...Lord, help us on that one! But I am leaving the country for a few days, Monday while others are celebrating Halloween or having Hallelujah Nites, I'll be headed for Kenya. This is my third trip, the second this year, and I am excited. I get anxious about this time prior to any trip, but am especially anxious this week, I know the Lord has many wonderful things in store for us, we are establishing a permanent residence for our ministry in Nakuru, which is north of Nairobi, we are speaking in a convention in Eldoret, north of Nakuru, and we will visit our pastors and friends in Kengami, which is in the southern part of the country....all of this in 11 days. Kenya feels like home to me, can't imagine living there, but neither can I imagine my life without Kenya being a part of it. When I get off the plane something inside of me begins to churn, a sense of destiny overwhelms me and I am drawn into the hearts of the people. It's a wonderful place, I would love to take friends, family members, and especially pastors, with me on my next trip next Spring. Pray for us that God will protect us, the He will guide us, and that He will use us to touch this country for the glory of God.

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Exqsme said...

Hey this is Christa. I just happen to have a blogger account :) If Troy is nice to me I may allow him to use my account to make comments if that's what he would like to do. But he has to be REAL NICE to me *smug grin* Or maybe I'll be nicer yet and set him up a blogger account of his own then you can comment on each other. At any rate my two blog accounts are


I'll probably taylor the blogspot one alot more due to the fact that my dad reads that one and sometimes ROFL I can't say everythign around him. So if it seems like there's more to the story .. then Xanga will probably hold more to it.

Hope your trip to Africa was just as good as always. Praying for you as you hang out over there. Tell Julie and your girls I say hello!