Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This week has been a frustrating week for me, just a lot of things on my mind...sometimes I wish you could push a button and either rewind your mind or simply erase it. Yesterday I was thrust back into reality when a friend of mine in Kenya was in a wreck in which a couple of people died. All of a sudden my thoughts weren't quite as important and my issues weren't all that bad after all. Just two weeks ago I was in Eldoret, Kenya, stood on the stage of this huge church with this friend, and now he's laying in a hospital and others are walking the streets of gold. Meshach will be ok, the others will survive...but all of a sudden I realize my need to be thankful and to let those I care about know how much I appreciate them. Thanksgiving time reminds us of how much we have been given, of all that God and others have done in our lives, and of our need to express our appreciate to God and others for those things. I am thankful for my family, My Mom and sister were here recently, what a blessing, for my wife and children, for family and friends, for my church and pastor, for the ministry God has given me, for the freedoms I enjoy, and even for the struggles I endure...God is setting me up for blessing, He is strengthening and developing me, causing me to mature, getting rid of the junk, and teaching me to rely upon Him rather than myself or others...I am thankful!


michigan preacher said...

Hey, Neil, I'm praying for your friend in Kenya. I'm also praying for you. God bless, brother. Keep doing your work for the Lord. I'd love to hear how things went for you in Kenya. Are you going back anytime soon? God Bless.

Neil said...


I will probably return to Kenya sometime next year, either late Spring or early Fall. Think you would be interested in going some time? We're looking for pastors to go with us. What has happened is we have connected with an older missionary that is wanting us to assume his ministry when he's ready to rest. We're partnering with him, he has 14 churches, 4 tailoring schools, and 4 orphanages he oversees...we get to be a part of it. Our last trip was a preaching trip, we ministered at large church in Eldoret pastored by George Gichana. It is called Praise Celebration Deliverance Church, runs around 3500. We were there for their 17th anniversary and was close to 6000 there that morning.

Thanks for your prayers and interest, let me know if you would like to go sometime.


michigan preacher said...

Hey, Neil, I would love to go sometime. Spring is probably out since my wife is pregnant and due this spring, but I would seriously be interested in going if in fall, God willing. If you want to contact me more about it, click on the email section of my blog profile page. God bless.