Sunday, October 16, 2005

The past two weeks I have been away from my office preaching revivals. Two different churches in two different churches with two totally different congregations and pastors. It has been an amazing journey, in both places there was an intense need for God to reveal Himself, in both places the hunger level was quite real, and in both places God exposed Himself as a real, relevant and refreshing God. I never ceased to be amazed at how much the Lord loves us, how much He wants to reveal Himself to us, and how much He longs to touch our lives. What also amazes me is how simple it is to receive what God has for us. There's a song Joseph Garlington sings on one of Israel Houghten's cd's that says "It's so easy to love Him, because He's marvelous, wonderful!" I'm thankful for the relationship we can have in Christ, with Christ and with each other!


michigan preacher said...

Hey, Neil, sounds great. God is so awesome. On a blogging note, you might want to try turning the word verification on in the editing section. It will get rid of the blog spammers like the one that got you. God Bless!

Henry Haney said...

Keep up the good work Neil,

Like MP said, you might want to turn on the word verification in your options- that should help with the spammers.

I love Florida- what part of Florida are you in Neil? My fave places are Longboat Key and Sarasota- we go there about once a year on vacation.


Neil said...

Pastor Henry,

I live in the Tampa Bay area, Zephyrhills, which is just north of Tampa. Been here 15 months and love everything about it, except for the hurricanes. Thanks for dropping by!