Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lord, I Am Hungry...Make Me Hungry For You!
The theme at our church for 2007 is "Redigging The Wells!" We have been discussing the difference between digging a well for the first time and the need to redig a well after it has been contaminated and clogged up with stuff. Last night our pastor was preaching about redigging the wells of hunger, today it has hit me hard, I've been hungry for many things in my life, but am I hungry for God? I say that I am, but in truth there are times when I've allowed other things to satisfy my was I actually hungry for God or just hungry? God make me hungry for You...not just for Your hand, but for Your heart. Lord make me so hungry for You that just another good service will not do, so that my favorite song will not satisfy, but only Your presence will do. I'm not asking just to feel better, or to say that I've been blessed, I'm asking You to conform me to Your image until I no longer resemble myself in action, attitude, and that even my appearance is more reflective of You....Make Me Hungry For You!


Anonymous said...

Great blog Pastor Neil, I too have been feeling the hunger pains again. The Lord told me some time ago that I'm as close to Him as I want to be and that people will only go as far with Him as their hunger takes them.

Anonymous said...

I've been considering this along similar lines as well. I was thinking of how easy when things go wrong to deal with them in our own way instead of Going to God... we say that we trust God to order our steps, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of it ... do we really?

It says that in the end hearts will grow cold... perhaps it's because if you don't fill yourself up with God and you're only luke warm you have no where to go but cold. When push comes to shove I really want to be choosing Jesus.. so I need to satisfy my hunger with Him and like you pray that I grow hungry for Him in every aspect of my life.

Anonymous said...

There are times people get them hunger pains and they are not sure what they want to eat.I think people are that way with Jesus they may know they want more but not sure what or how to get the hunger filled.We are doing our praying,Reading(bible),going to church and trying to live right.What else can we do?I know I want so much more.I want my cup to run over.

Neil said...

I have a friend in Alabama who sets aside the first 5-7 minutes of his morning to just sit in the presence of the Lord. He doesn't pray, praise, discuss, read, he simply sits and in his spirit meditates upon the Lord, loves Him, and waits to see if the Lord has anything to say. We think we have to do something, sometimes it's not about doing it's about being!
Keep looking!