Friday, January 12, 2007

What He's Done For Me!
I have this song in my head today and it won't let go of me. Somehow I have managed to get a song on my Ipod, I'm not sure if it's from a Clint Brown CD or Martha Munizzi, but the words keep going through my mind..."What He's Done For Me Is So Amazing...How He Loved Me So, I Cannot Explain, I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm Found, Was Blind, But Now I See...And What He's Done For Me...He Will Do For You!" Earlier this week I started to blog of my frustration with our world, of the actions of our leaders and of the attitudes of people in general. People just get on my nerves some days, and I'm quite positive that I get on peoples nerves...This week I have just felt fed up, but that's a negative report and I didn't want to blog that I didn't blog at all! Then I started to write about our spiritual journey and the current shifting in the spiritual realm and of our need to remain faithful..You know, it's about staying in the line when you feel like getting out...but I didn't really want to preach. So today I wanted to say that what the Lord has done in my life is so amazing! He has been so faithful to me, even when I'm not faithful to Him, when He knows that I could do better and I'm lazy...He still loves me and continues to take care of us...I love Him and am amazed by Him! Maybe you will stop by my blog, and you won't find a book review, a prophetic promise, anything all that interesting...but what you will find is the testimony that God is faithful and the assurance that you can count on Him!


ruthrap said...

thanks a bunch, Neil...for your positive message in a negative world! We do have an amazing God and we need the realization of that everyday...when the world fails us..He remains faithful and His love is everlasting...what a comfort He is!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, I was driving to work this morning, singing and enjoying His presence when I started to realize how much He really loves me, enough to endure the pain and heartache of dying in my place, and the part of being faithful even when we aren't? Isn't that the truth! Sometimes I wonder why He continues to put up with me, it must be love, a love that I have a hard time grasping, and just have to accept!

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! He is good to all of us, whether we realize it or not. Talking to my friend in Springfield,MO, who had been without power since last Friday, she said, "I feel like the frozen chosen"...and her husband kept praising God for their blessings, and the faithfulness of God. And, a good Samaritan showed up on their doorstep yesterday morning with real wood for the fireplace and a hot breakfast! And, this afternoon, they have their power back on. Isn't God wonderful!