Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Anointing of Insight
This evening we had a men's Bible study on the 2nd chapter of Proverbs, it was quite interesting, men shared their thoughts and insights, I was glad that I attended. The leader of the study said something that peaked my interest, he prayed that God would give us an anointing of insight, the ability to see within a thing and gain revelation on the matter. This really spoke to me, I am convinced that to those whom revelation is given, from them revelation is required, yet, not just the speaking of words, not flattery, but a lifestyle of revelation, that we become the Word of God to the people we have been privileged to connect with. The issue of a dark world is that the light within us must become greater than the darkness around us. If we are to change our world it will not be done by programs and sermons alone, it will be done by ordinary people that have had a true conversion, have a real relationship with Christ, and are walking in the light of Jesus to the point that their very existence expresses Christ wherever they are. I'm reading a book by Jerry Cook on being the Monday morning church. The basic theme of this book is our need to become incarnational, that just as Jesus came in the form of man, we represent Christ to men as men, yet with Christ living in and through us. We are not gods, we are God's, we belong to Him, live by Him, and He lives through us, others see Him and we are given the opportunity to express His life to them and lead them into a relationship with Jesus. We have had many conversions, people confessing Christ, but quickly returning to the homes without a clue as to what has just transpired in their lives. The message of Christ was one of making disciples, of developing learners, of turning confession into true conversion by the turning away from sin and the turning to a new life in's a process and a journey, and this must be the mission of the church. It seems at times that we are in a war against evil that cannot be won, and then I remember that the gates of hell cannot defeat the true church, the key is that we remember our war is not with people and other churches, but against a real devil, against a religious mentality that keeps people in bondage. Jesus Christ is able to set people free and keep them free, May He help us to become missional in our thinking and develop people for the Kingdom of God!

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The 6 Karns' said...

Last Sunday, my 2 oldest kids (Hunter & JayCee) asked to go around the neighborhood and see if anyone wanted to buy some t-shirts, etc. that our youth are selling to raise money to go to camp. I said sure! An hour later, they ran in - and said that they have sold 12 items! Most to our immediate neighbors...Most who do not attend any church organizations (that we are aware of).
I called my husband, who was on business in NYC, and told him - and he said, "You know, we need to follow our children around the neighborhood!" He was serious.
I get "stuck" in my thinking, that I don't know any "Non-Christians" because I home-school, and don't go anywhere, etc. But how untrue is that!
When JayCee turned 6 last year, we have let her go outside more without us - as long as her older brother is with her. Because of that little girl, along with Hunter, we have gotten to know our neigbors so much better. Those who used to be "thorns in our sides" have become genuinely friendly. JayCee has a way of meeting and greeting. She doesn't know a stranger, and I'm glad. She knows safety - but in a world where kids are afraid to talk to any adult - my girl thrives on it. Last May - her and Hunter decided to make "May-day Baskets" for our whole neighborhood! I told them GO FOR IT - and since then, we have had nothing but waves, smiles, hello's, etc.
There's our mission field!
If only us adults, can take a lesson - don't be afraid of what they think. Pray first, befriend second, show them Jesus!