Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Remember The Touch
When I was a child there was a minister that came to our church to preach, I don't remember his sermon, didn't spend any time with him, in fact, I was only five or six years old and spent most of my time playing with my friend in the pew in front of my mother. What I do remember is that when he gave the altar call he asked for everyone in the building to come and my mother made me go. That preacher stepped off the platform, laid his hand on my hand and I began to weep, it was the first time in my life that I was actually aware of the manifest presence of God. It has been forty years since that night, I have never forgotten it and hopefully never will.
Recently I was watching Oprah and her special guest was the actor Denzel Washington, he was talking about the people that made an impact upon his life, his mother, various school teachers, people that saw something in him and were willing to make an investment in his life. One of those tear jerking moments arose when out of the crowd came a former teacher, one Mr. Washington attributes much of his success to, it was powerful!
As I watched that program I commented to my wife that I pray someone will impact my daughters in that way, that a pastor, a teacher, a person that they respect, will arise, see something in them and pour themselves into my children in such ways that when they are old they will remember them. I pray that someone will stand behind my children in the altars at church whispering prayers over them, speaking encouragement into them, hugging them in the hallway, developing a relationship with them that allows them entrance into their lives. I pray that God will allow me to do the same in others, that those things God has placed in my life will not end with me, but will be passed on to someone that grow and go higher in life than I will ever go.
My mind races to Jan Pennell, a lady in our church who passed away this past weekend, what a warrior, what a special gal she was. One day I was visiting with her and she talked about being in the plan, that it doesn't matter what happens in our lives if we know we're in God's plan. That thought has consumed me, I can see her testifying at church, worshiping and wiping tears from her eyes, smiling as we preach. I can hear her northern accent as she shares of the goodness of God, and am reminded of the night our youth visited her in the hospital and she gave them a life related message from the Lord.
I pray that you remember the touch, the touch of God that is upon your life, and the touch of men and women that have impacted you. I pray that you remember it in the dark times so that it will refresh you, and that you will remember it in the good times so that you can pass it on to others. I pray that your prayer will be, God let me touch others as You have touched me!

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