Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Process of Progression
My wife bought me an Ipod Shuffle for Christmas. It is a delightful matchbook size gadget that will hold over two hundred songs. I love it, take on trips with me, walk with it, and because of its size it's most convenient. Last month I traveled to Illinois and stuffed it in my suitcase, when I was preparing to leave for Kenya two weeks ago I couldn't find it. Called the hotel I stayed in, searched through my bags and just knew that some maid was listening to my I did the thing that most men do when something is missing, I replaced it! I didn't just replace it, I upgraded to an Ipod Nano, same color as my shuffle only bigger and better! I've loaded songs and podcasts and it is wonderful. This morning my wife was putting my suitcase away, going through it one more time before it headed off to the garage to await my next flight, when suddenly she entered the family room with a smile on her face and my Shuffle in her hand...It was in my suitcase stuffed in a pocket all the time, went all the way to Kenya and back without being damaged or stolen. Our fifteen year old daughter is now the proud owner of an Ipod Shuffle and I am still the happy owner of a new and enlarged Ipod Nano! O the process of progress and how it works for me!


PT said...

I can understand this all to well. I finally upgraded from the good ole fashioned 19" crt monitor to a fancy 19" lcd flat screen. Sure it cost quite a bit more than my old monitor, but the progression was worth it.

ps. the zune from microsoft is way better... lol

Barbara said...

I saw this coming at the first of your post! Neat. We usually do find those things that just seem to disappear, right after we replace them. I know your daughter is happy.

Neil, will you email me? I want to give you an award - you deserve it! And, I see no email address.