Monday, April 30, 2007

My air conditioning is messed up on my car...we live in Florida and things are heating up! Yesterday my wife and daughter and I went to Sebring, FL to preach, about 2 hours southeast of our home. Going there wasn't bad, windows down, fan blowing, coming back my left leg was frying, the temperature was around 94 degrees...can you say hot? Makes one want to live right! Last week I had it charged and there's something else wrong with it, the cost to fix it is around 750.00, I'm getting a second opinion today...Pray it's something minor and cheaper...especially the cheaper part! The good thing about it is I am assured again today that I don't want to go to hell!


Darrell said...

I can relate. Ours went out on one of our vans and the repairs will run us $1100.
Man, I must be old, cuz I remember when you could buy a whole new carfor about $2200! Times sure have changed!

Neil said...

Got it fixed for 512.00! Took it somewhere else, if I had taken it and paid the 750.00 it still wouldn't have been fixed, the Lord smiled with favor on me!

Yeah, I'm looking for one of those 2000.00 cars for my daughter. She thinks she should have a newer VW Bug! I'm going to buy her a beater and put a matchbox VW inside of it!

Exqsme said...

hehehehe Im glad that it worked out for you! I hate what vehicles can cost.

My mom says that she can remember when you could buy a house for 20,000 let alone a car,

Neil said...

What was cool about this was I preached at a church that gave me 429.00 on Sunday morning, so after I took my tithe out, I only paid a little over a hundred out of my pocket! The Lord has a way of taking care of us doesn't He!