Friday, May 04, 2007

Let The Little Children Come!
I have this every morning habit, the first thing I do when I enter the school at our church is head to the kitchen for a cup of know, the best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup! On my way I stop by the three year old class and find out what's happening in their day, and they want me to know! One tells me of a cock a roach in his Dad's car, while another complains because the little boy he gave his snack to actually took it, and another shows me his new toy. My day starts off so awesome, those are my babies and my day would not be the same without them. Today as I was preparing to leave for the day I found out that Nora, a little Russian girl that we've had for three years, is leaving for Russia tomorrow, her grandfather is sick and she's going to visit him. As I hugged her the other little ones gathered around me, so I got to hug a few more, heard some stories, took their picture on my phone and went on my way. I'm not the most huggable person, not a real smoochy type of man, but those babies get my heart and I cannot imagine a day without seeing them. When I was in Kenya for almost two weeks I couldn't wait to see them and hoped they hadn't forgotten me...they didn't! Do you think this is what the Lord was trying to get across when He invited the little children to come to Him and instructed the disciples to not forbid them to come? He said that the Kingdom of God is much like little children, there is something about the relationship between childhood and christianity that speaks volumes to me. After all, children don't have all the baggage that we adults do, they are forgiving and much more resilient than we, and their world though often filled with pain can be improved almost instantly with a hug. There's something else about this I was thinking about, if I can't imagine one day without stopping to talk with my children, how does the Lord feel if I don't stop to talk with Him?


Darrell said...

That's good Neil. Great example.

PT said...

I love the story and comparison, I'm also glad to see that some habits don't change.... :)

Exqsme said...

psssssst your heart is showing *smiles*