Thursday, May 31, 2007

White Cloud Toilet Paper
My wife is the most awesome woman in the world, that's a true statement, fact not fiction, reality, not faith speaking, she is great. But when it comes to toilet paper, she's cheap! I don't want her to break the bank buying something that we go through quickly, but couldn't we have some that actually comes off the roll without a struggle? Have you ever tried to pull some off in the middle of the night when you need to sneeze and it just hangs on and when you pull tighter it breaks? Too thin, not soft, but it's $2.68 at Walmart, so it must be a good thing...Wrong! Get me some Charmin or Northern Quilted, if need be, get the cheap stuff for you and the girls, I need comfort and the fast rolling stuff...I sneeze every time that I get up in the middle of the night...Baby I love you, but White Cloud just won't do!


Barbara said...

Neil, I am with you!! My husband will pick up White Cloud or Angel something --- I say, not for my bath. Charmin all the way. And, I buy the softest they have! But, he's the same about the Kleenex. I love the soft Aloe ones, and he says they make him sneeze! :)

Clay said...

i love this post neil. too funny man! at least she's not getting john wayne toilet paper. remember that brand?

Neil said...

Yeah, I remember the John Wayne brand!