Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Wife...Her Cell Phone...My Question?
I am married to the most awesome woman you can ever meet. She is beautiful, loving, serves the Lord with all of her heart, is a great Mom and a hard worker, she's the best! We've been married twenty years and are best friends, we talk about everything, hide nothing, enjoy being together, and look forward to our golden years, this is absolutely the most fantastic person on the face of the earth...but for some reason she cannot seem to keep her cell phone charged! It drives me nuts!
My cell phone is on 24/7, it is almost always within reach and I have a charger in my car, home, and office and do my best to keep a charge on it daily. Julie on the other hand charges hers about once a week or whenever she realizes she has allowed it to run out of charge. Then when you call her she doesn't have it on or can't talk because she has no charge...It drives me nuts!
There's a spiritual side to this, sometimes we're like that phone, we've lived our lives in such a busy manner that we fail to take the time to charge our spiritual batteries. We know we should, need to and mean to, but we've got other things to do and don't take the time to stop and recharge. The problem is when we need power we don't have it because we forgot to charge our batteries and now we don't know what we're going to do.
I'm hoping Julie will start charging her phone and that I will learn to stay connected to the Lord in the way He desires for me!

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