Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can Christians Really Survive?
I've just watched the finale of Survivor and am jacked up over this Dreamz guy. Don't misunderstand, I know it's a game, that it involves manipulation and maneuvering, but this guy takes the cake. He tells a guy how bad he needs a truck, the guy asks him to give his word he'll give him his immunity at the final four and then reneges when he arrives at the final four. To top it off, one of the guys calls his Christianity to mind, saying that he believes he is a Christian, but an immature one and that some day he will mature. When they arrive in New York they still can't get a straight wore me out just watching! I've watched this show from the start, know how it works and what all it involves, but when being a Christian came into view I expected the man to model the One he represented. Guess that's asking too much. This past week I read a statistic that said that between 44-49% of Americans attend church on a regular basis, the percentage of people confessing Christ is closer to 60%, but it tells me we've got a problem and there's much work to do. I realize Survivor is a game, I'll get over this Dreamz guy, but I'm concerned that Christianity is lacking integrity in today's world, that Christ is soon to return, and what is that He is returning for? Soon is a cliche', after all, the Lord's return has been prophesied, preached, and promoted for thousands of years, and it may be thousands more before He returns, but on the other hand, he may return before I can get this posted. Preaching, Teaching, and Programs are not going to make the difference our world needs, they may assist, but changed lives change lives! The reason the early church was so effective was that people saw Jesus in their daily lives and it was obvious that they had been with Christ because it was said that they turned their world upside down. In the letter to the church at Thessalonica, Paul said that those early believers had made such an impact that his arrival really wasn't necessary, from them sounded the news of Christ and His impact on their lives. Daily life and little stuff does count. The guy on Survivor didn't need to preach, pray over his food, really his Bible in front of them, or say christianeze all the time, he simply needed to live it out with integrity...what he did was show that the world is right, everybody has a price! I don't want to be for sale!

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Jesse said...

Funny you should talk about the lack of integrity within the body of Christ. Sunday morning on my way to church I pledged afresh to the Lord that I would count loyalty to Him more important than any of my friendships. We always talk about standing beside our friends, but when a person or a people start walking outside of integrity and excellence, then loyalty to Christ must come first, otherwise by standing with friends who choose not to walk with Him the result is we end up standing against Christ. With more and more Christians comprimising for the sake of popularity and not wanting to offend, I'll say as Joshua did, "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"