Monday, May 14, 2007

I Washed My Cell Phone!
My wife noticed that we have some wasp nests forming in the entry way of our home, they're about 20-25 feet high, but nonetheless they are there and of concern to us all. This evening I bought some wasp killer spray, the kind that shoots 22 feet, got them all, but the stuff was falling back down before I could get out of the way. So off to the shower I go and then to the washer my clothes go...and unknown to me, my cell phone! I had placed it in the side pocket of the shorts I was wearing and never gave a thought to it until I was taking the wet clothes out to put in the dryer and there it was in the bottom of the washer! Thankfully we have a spare phone at the office and this is a Nextel, so I simply needed to trade simms cards, but I did lose my pictures, my kids, some friends, and of course, Reverend Al Sharpton that I took when we were at the same terminal in Charlotte, NC. My heart is beating close to normal again, but what a mistake I made this evening, I'll never live this one down at the office! It just powered up but is now stuck in Airplane Mode...Guess I'm still using the spare!


Jesse said...

Pastor Neil, I'd almost say that much learning doth make thee mad! LOL, Try removing the battery and turning the phone back on, that sometimes will get it out of "airplane mode". If that don't work, you may just have to pay the insurance 'phone replacement fee' which is like $100, at least that is what they charged Charity. Call me next time you have wasps, I remove my the old fashion way, with a broom handle and fast feet.

ruthrap said...

don't feel so bad...Neil, my cell phone took a dive in my sink full of dish water on my birthday last year! cost me another two year contract...ouch! I was liking that pay as you go plan!

Kathi said...

It's not so bad to wash a cell phone or dump it in water... IF you do the right things afterwards (I have an absent-minded husband and a teenage daughter. Their phones have been washed, dropped in a lake, and even dropped in the toilet!)

Do NOT try to start the phone up before you've done the following:

Take out the battery and leave the cover off. If the keypad easily pops off, take that off too. The goal is to expose as much of the innards to the air as possible.

Leave it sit undisturbed in a dry location where air circulates -- for at least three days. Got to get every last bit of moisture out of there!

Then put the battery back in, pray, and turn it on. Ours have always worked.

Hope that helps!

Neil said...

Thanks for your input guys! It's starting to come back up, I've used the direct connect, it calls out, but you can't hear anything and it sounds like sizzling inside, so I think I'll let it dry out. What an experience!