Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Daddy Daughter Dates
School is out tomorrow, as the chancellor of a Christian School I have to say...I can't wait! You can tell it's the end of the school year, it actually feels different after Christmas and Spring Breaks, the countdown begins, the field trips flourish, the nerves rise to the occasion, and both students and teachers are ready for the break. Certainly I'll miss the children, but my favorites are the 3 year olds and many of them stay for our summer program, so I'll have my fill of babies...they are so cute! What I'm really excited about is the Daddy-Daughter dates I'm arranging with my girls! My girls are Momma's girls, they always have been, they take me in a pinch. Lately I've noticed they're friendlier towards me and actually seem to miss me when I'm gone. I'm out of state every month and out of the country at least once, this year it appears I'll be gone at least one more time to Africa and possibly twice, they make think I'm great by years end! Thursday my oldest daughter and I are off to see Pirates of the Caribbean, and we're doing it in style, going to the Imax at Channelside in Tampa...It's going to be great! We're already purchased our tickets and are ready! Friday, the youngest and I will take off to the local theatre to view Shrek 3, not my choice, but it is the choice of my seven year old. I figure we'll also stop by her favorite place to eat...Taco Bell. I can't wait, these are going to be two awesome days, what a way to start our summer!


Sylvia said...

It is great that you want to spend time with them.There are so many dead beat dads out there.I am lucky and have a husband that loves to be with our kids all six.My oldest is 27 and it goes down to 13.Then the grandkids.Have a great time with your girls and bless you.

The 6 Karns' said...

Neil - we took our 4 to see Shrek 3 last night...I have to say, I laughed often! And Tanner, our 2 year old laughed the whole way thru! We had a great time!

Enjoy your dates!

Neil said...

Saw Pirates last night and Shrek today, both were OK. My kids enjoyed them, that's all that counts!