Sunday, June 03, 2007

We had a good day today. Our service was good, the preacher preached well, spoke of divine reversal, how that God is able to bless those others think shouldn't be blessed, and how He is able to turn our lives around even we see it as impossible. Good Stuff, check out Genesis 48 for the story! Following service our young adult group had a fellowship, hamburgers and hot dogs, chips and deserts, great food followed by volleyball in the sand pit. A new couple and their children attended, we had a total of 28 youth between the ages of 18-30, pretty cool huh! The awesome thing about this group is that they want to hear what many adults don't. They ask us to tell them straight, get somber at times and at other times like to discuss, whatever their reaction, they're there week after week and ready to receive the Seed of the Word. Several of them left the volleyball pit at 3:45 to leave at 4:00 to minister at a church in Tampa...sort of speaks to you doesn't it? I'm glad the Lord gave us Today!


ruthrap said...

Proof that there is hope for today's youth...thanks for sharing, Neil..sounds as though you had a great Sunday....God's busy!

Darrell said...

Awesome. I am convinced that there is a generation arising that is looking for the real deal, and when they find it, they will go after it with reckless abandon. They don't want the status quo, and are not interested in the "religion" of that the church has tried to pass on to them. They want the hard truth and the power of God. I think we are on the verge of seeing the church in it's finest hour!