Thursday, June 07, 2007

For over a year now the word of the Lord in my spirit has simply been the word...Shifting! I haven't been able to get it out my belly, it lays in the back of my head, and it comes to the forefront of my thoughts quite often...this is a season of shifting, can we survive the shift? I know that I've written about it several times and don't know that I've got much new to add, other than the fact that I truly believe the Body of Christ, both individuals and the corporate body that we recognize as the church, must move with this season of shifting. The word shift or shifting means movement, adjustment, varying. It is connected to the concept of reconciling, the adjusting to a season or a situation. For example, in the Northern United States as the seasons change the people adjust their wardrobes. In the early fall it's long sleeve shirts in the morning or a light jacket in the late afternoon, in early winter it is a light coat followed by a heavier one. Or perhaps the example of a watch fits here, if the clock in your kitchen is the standard you go by, then all other time pieces must be adjusted or shifted to reconcile them to the standard. In the Kingdom of God there is a shifting, a spirit if discomfort, people are sensing the need to move and adjust their lives, yet, they aren't always certain of what to do. If you're anything like me you like structure, you appreciate knowing what is ahead and what you're getting into. But in the Kingdom, we sometimes have to walk out into the darkness before the revelation comes, but light will appear and the path will be made known, if we survive the shift and overcome the obstacles!


C.D. Nesbitt said...

Pastor... this is such a timely word for the body of Christ! This flows so well with what we have been saying here in Illinois... "Our next is now". How we respond in this season will determine "the next" for our lives.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to share "previews of a coming attraction" with the body of Christ. Your family here in Illinois loves you!

Pastor C.D. Nesbitt

Neil said...

Pastor Nebitt, I have been consumed with your thought that the next move is mine. while I understand the power of waiting on God, I also understand that God is often waiting on me!

Thanks! I value your friendship and love all of you dearly!