Sunday, June 24, 2007

Florida Drivers
We're on our way Saturday from St. Augustine to Orlando when we stopped for lunch at Flagler Beach. Get back on I-95 South and the traffic suddenly goes from 75+ mph to 20 mph, all three lanes and the traffic on the northside is at a standstill. We do this for miles and miles, do you know why I-95 South was backed up for miles and miles? There was a wreck on I-95 North! The problem with that is there are barriers between the two sides and at least 50 feet between the two barriers, so why should the South side be backed up! In Florida people stop and go on the major highways, creating pockets of unnecessary traffic that create cardiac issues in my life. My advice to Florida drivers...Take Your Foot Off The Brake! Today was the last day of our vacation, we spent the night last night in Orlando and the day today at MGM Studios, talk about a crowd! It's been a great week and now it's back to office in the morning! No foot on the brake here!

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