Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Evan Almighty
Our family just returned from a sneak preview of Evan Almighty. I must admit that when I first saw the commercials I was cynical and figured it was going to be a corny movie...I was wrong! We got four free passes for the preview, there were so many people we were among the very last to be allowed in and the four of us sat separate from each other...the movie was great. It was funny, not one curse word, and it drove home a point. A radio personality was there and prayed before the showing, pretty cool! What spoke to me was that we have become so non-prophet minded that if a true prophet arose among us without a word of blessing, we would never believe him. I got something spiritual out of this and am so glad we got to go. The movie opens June 22nd, be sure to go see it!


Darrell said...

Thanks for the report Neil, because I was wondering if I wanted to see it. I kinda did, but thought, "cheesy sequel" and was thinking on giving it a pass.

Your words about not receiving the prophet are so dead on that it scares me. I think how often we miss what God is doing because God raises up a "nobody" and we reject his/her words because they have not been dubbed the latest hot ticket by TBN or Daystar.

Just this morning I got an email that I started to delete 3 times but felt a check in my spirit. When I finally read it, there was one sentence in it that I knew was a Word from God to me. And it was not one of those "You are blessed" words, but it cut me to the quick and broke me. I've sat here for 30 minutes knowing it was from God, yet half angry because I did not like what it said to me and about me... but I know it is true. And this Word game from a most unlikely source, a woman that most people would not even know, but she faithfully does and says what God directs her to do.

Anyway... thanks for the post.

Neil said...

I am not a super spiritual person, which also bothers me that I find myself, a minister, a prophetic minister that doesn't consider himself spiritual...With that said, it bothers me that we are quite open to any prophet that speaks blessing and are certainly open to a word of encouragement, but let someone declare the flood is coming and they're crazy. Imagine Noah, preaching 120 years the same word, think people might have thought he was nuts, but his word came true.

There must be some direct revelation and it will at times as you said, cut us to the quick!