Tuesday, June 12, 2007

IS It Just Me?
This whole thing with Paris Hilton is getting old! I'm sorry that she had to go to jail and that she got sent home and then sent back, and yes, I probably think 45 days is too much jail time and that the judge is making an example out of her and trying to make a point...but she's there now, let's talk about someone else! She's on all the news stations, on the Today Show this morning they talked more about her than the deaths in Iraq, CNN Online keeps the stuff up on her that is absolutely old news...Tell us when she gets out and we'll all breath a sigh of relief, but until she gets out....talk about someone else! A lady in Phoenix gave birth to sextuplets this week, let's talk about her!


Darrell said...

No, it's not just you. I'm sick of this junk. On the day all this was happening, there were key things happening in the world, yet all we saw and heard about was Paris. It is getting to where I hardly watch the news anymore, because it is all about the latest celebrity gossip most of the time. I'm just sick of it all.

Neil said...

I thought you were at Camp Meeting this week! How can you have time to blog? If you're going to move out of the spiritual zone, I'm glad that you checked out my blog!

ruthrap said...

To be totally honest, I could care less if Paris gets sentenced for a year...as if that would happen!..she is not near as important as she and her "followers" think she is! I am with you, Neil...let's hear about those six babies..much more interesting and a lot more innocent!