Friday, April 20, 2007

Stuffed Head
My head feels like it's stuffed full of stuff...Does that make sense? I'm not sick, it's not sinus or a's just stuff. I want to be light hearted but also want to be heavy. I want to write funny and thoughtless stuff, you know, the kind of fluffy feel good stuff that doesn't say much, just puts words on my blog...I also want to talk about deep things. A part of me wants to talk about politics, world events, spiritual matters, children, marriage, you know, all the important stuff...Another part of me wants to tell people about my new flip flops I bought back in March at Go Fish in St. Augustine, a store that gives a portion of their proceeds to mission works in Bali. There is a part of me that is a reformer, wants to be a world changer, while another part of me says leave people alone, they don't want to change. I want to write things that make you laugh, and I want to write things that make you think, and I want to write things that make tears drip off my chin as I write and off your chin as you read...I desire to touch your heart. I want to preach and prophesy, to speak of the things of the Lord in a impacting way, but I don't want to be religious. I want to be missional in my thinking and actions, but I am charismatic in my worship and the manner in which I minister. I hate being labeled and don't want to label others, but I want to be identified as a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, one that believes and operates in the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit. I want to tell you about my wife and kids and to be a good husband and father. I want to be loyal and faithful to my pastor, church, family and friends, and for them to know how much I love and appreciate them, how much it means to be connected to them...My head is full...can you tell?


ruthrap said...

Neil..did you have a little too much of the coffee before this one? Hope you get things all sorted out! will be just fine and it will all come out..I have confidence in you! the that shirt you sent the church...where can I get one?

Neil said...

No, I'm sorted out, just full of something!

The shirts come from one of our schools in Kenya and can be purchased from us when we go. I'm returning in November!

Barbara said...

Neil, I think you did a pretty good job in this post. :) I say do as Neil feels like doing, and people are going to come here to hear what you have to say. "Empty out" and then "refill" - getting ready for the next batch of posts. I enjoy what you have to say.